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FOKP Minutes

Interim Board Meeting
By Randy Wells, FOKP Sec'y
Jan 24, 1997, 17:32

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Friends of Kennedy Playground
January 24th, 1997

An interim meeting was held. In attendance were Colestia Barber, John Borges, Marie Collins, Peter Easley, Y.R. Radhika, Kermit Reynolds, Randy Wells, and Chiquita Young. A total of $16 cash was collected in contributions to FOKP.

Peter reports that Miss Jackson from the Mayor’s office of boards and commissions has notified him that he had been nominated by Jack Evans, and nominated by the Mayor, to serve on the Mayor’s Recreation Advisory Board.

Kermit reports contacting both 3rd and 1st Districts of the Metropolitan Police Department. An officer from the 3rd District agreed to attend, but an officer from the 1st District complained about the difficulty of attending meetings, ineffectualness of enforcing closed at dark rules at the playground. Kermit will follow up on getting a more positive response, cooperating with the police and John to gain response to issues on the playground. John reported that 4 officers came by and be with him to discuss patoling the playground in the evening, giving a one warning and then arresting when not complied with.

Randy will draft letters for Kermit to Insp. Proctor and Insp. Broadbent requesting letters of support for our efforts. When received, these supportive letters are to be forwarded to Harold Bucholtz.

It is also important to follow up with getting the Department of Recreation and Parks to let a maintenance contract for fence repairs. Peter agreed to write a letter to Dr. Gaines, carbon copy to Jack Evans, emphasizing the symbolic importance of the fence repairs in taking back the playground.

Radhika and Randy presented a draft idea for the brochure. Deadline for comments will be next board meeting. Photo suggestions welcome.

Youth Build application needs to be distributed to Radhika’s Fundraising Committee. Perhaps the application can be submitted in concert with an established group, such as Funds for the Community’s Future. This application should have a high priority.

Kermit reports that the DC Humanities Council is a possible funding opportunity for intergenerational programming. Perhaps up to $1500. Kermit will follow up.

Kermit also recommends Denise Kinlaw, head of the Immaculate Conception Tenant Council, to be a member of the Advisory Committee.

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