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FOKP Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes
By Randy Wells, FOKP Sec'y
Jan 11, 1999, 22:47

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Meeting at Kennedy Rec Center

attendance: Peter Easley, Colestia Barber, Tim Downey, Randy Wells, Calvin Reid, John Borges, Joyce Carey

III. Renovation Status

Peter saw Ronnie over the holidays. They wen together to see Michael Williams and deliver the plans and drawings which Michael had requested Ronnie to prepare. Ronnie had had difficulty getting an appointment to deliver the plans. While with Michael, they discussed a proposal to Fast Track the Design Build process for the new rec center building. We are fortunate to have Ronnie in an advice/counsel capacity regarding design on behalf of FOKP. Ronnie strongly recommended against giving over design control to a final contractor (implicit in Fast Track) while construction begins. Rather than short-cut the design process, her recommends the standard Design Build (that is, finalizing the design drawings BEFORE beginning construction). This may result in a slightly longer timeline, but the general schedule already proposed by DRP (groundbreaking in late 1999 or early 2000) should be adequate even given standard Design Build.

Peter would like to write a letter to DRP stating our opposition to using Fast Track, sticking with Ronnie's adamant recommendation (based in part on his bad experience in other government projects with Fast Track) that we use standard Design Build. The result may be some additional time, but this would better insure more community input on design and security that the final building reflects our design expectations. This letter will reflect our already established position on community design input, the ongoing design recommendations and expertise provided by Ronnie, and our expectation that the general schedule outlined by Michael Williams at our December 1998 meeting should be met.

Recreation Assistants Board

Tickets are available from Peter Easley to attend the March 6th, Saturday, fundraiser the Recreation Assistants Board. It will take place at the Arts Club, at 7pm, and tickets are $75 each ($50 of which will go toward the "enterprise fund", a private donations account at DRP that is dedicated to renovating playgrounds. They hope to raise $10,000 in the event. The theme is "Jazz Comes Out for Recreation".

The Board is also working on a follow-up training seminar for "friends of" groups city-wide, similar to FOKP.

V. Clark Construction donation

Clark donated $1000 for the holidays. Louise Puluski, their community outreach person, also recommended we request a maintenance assessment for the field from Ruppert Landscaping (estimated at $4000 per season including thatching, cutting, etc.). She also indicated Clark's willingness to donate to such a specific field maintenance fund, as well as to provide volunteers for an annual or semi-annual clean-up.

Little League

The Inner City League, of which Kennedy Playground is a part, includes 8 to 12 year olds. 5 to 7 year olds playing T-ball can find a program at Ft. Lincoln in NE. More information for either age group can be obtained from John Borges.

Kennedy Playground Mariners, getting ready to open their 3rd season, is looking for adult men and women to help coach, organize, supervise, and administer the little league effort.

Kennedy Playground could possibly use a washing machine to wash team uniforms.

Little league teams will begin practicing in mid-April. Interested adults who want to help out can get started anytime after mid-January. Look forward to an early event ginning up support and recognizing last year's team in late Feb or early March--perhaps a Little League Open House.

Clean-Ups, Christmas in April, and the Youth Cotillion

We are looking to get Kennedy Playground designated an official location for the Christmas in April, scheduled for April 24th, 1999, Saturday. Tim Downey will investigate further.

Clean-ups at the playground are scheduled for the 1st Saturday of every month, including Feb 6, March 6, and April 3 in the morning.

An urban camping/camp-out is hoped for over Father's Day weekend. John suggests calling it Father's Day Camp Out: Urban Camping Overnight Thang!, perhaps June 18th night or June 19th.

The DC DRP 1999 15th Annual Youth Cotillion is scheduled for April 10th, 1999, at the Loew's L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Grand Ballroom at 7pm. The Region 1 Representative (which includes Kennedy Playground) is Linda Robinson.

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