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FOKP Minutes

Board Meeting Draft Minutes
By Randy Wells, FOKP Secretary
Feb 12, 2002, 19:30

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Peter Easley, Chairman, opened the meeting at 7:30pm, and called roll.

A quorum of the board was established, including: Peter Easley (Chair), Eloise Wahab (Treasurer), Lillian Gordon (Board Member), Randy Wells (Secretary), and Phyllis Eaddy (Board Member). Also attending were Ali Hassen (Department of Parks and Recreation, DPR), Priscilla Francis (Branch Chief for United Planning Organization/ Neigborhood Development Center #1, UPO/NDC#1), John Borges (DPR), Ernest Peterson (newly elected President of East Central Civic Association, ECCA), Tim Downey, Alexander Padro (Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner 2C-01), Wendy Abdul-Rahim (Office of Councilmember Jack Evans), Margaretta Sibert (President of the Shaw Recreation Center Parent Advisory Council), Harold Valentine, and Deborah Jackson (DPR).

Finance Report
Eloise Wahab, Treasurer, gave the finance report. She reported that FOKP has $4628.41 on account.

Status of New Kennedy Rec Project
Ali Hassen from DPR reported that the construction project for the new center is nearly on schedule (within 5 days due to bad weather), which is quite good. A variety of concerns and questions were raised by those in attendance, focusing on the following three themes: 1) Looking at the design both inside and outside the new center, as a start for discussing future programs to be held there; 2) Placement of a sign on the site so residents can see what is being built; and 3) Employment and training opportunities for local residents on the construction project. Regarding programs and staffing, it was stated that the new center is expected to have at least 7 staff members and be open 7 days a week.

Two meetings were scheduled to give FOKP and the community more opportunities to obtain information and input on the project: one meeting on the week of February 25th, with members of FOKP to discuss design elements and employment issues, the second meeting for the general public on March 12th to discuss the design and begin discussion with DPR about programs.

Randy Wells (Secretary) was asked to coordinate the meeting for the week of February 25th. Everyone was asked to help publicize the March 12th meeting. Also, there will be an opportunity to testify at the budget hearings in March at the Council.

Efforts to Open Shaw Recreation Center (at Shaw Junior High)
Margaretta Siebert reported that the Shaw Rec Center would be open shortly, with the following hours: 3:30pm to 9pm (M-F), and 10a to 4pm (Sat). She is serving as a liason with DC Public Schools (DCPS) and DPR, working to insure the programs at Shaw Rec are quality. Much interest was expressed by FOKP to cooperate with her and the Shaw Parent Advisory Council, to share experiences, and work together in other ways. Improved signage to the Shaw Rec Center was strongly recommended, and better publicity about the hours. FOKP members also suggested starting a petition to re-open the Shaw Junior High School Poll, which has been closed for several years now. Margaretta invited FOKP members to call her anytime regarding Shaw Rec—her work numbers are 523-2109 and 523-2561. Margaretta also recommended that FOKP communicate directly with Neil Albert (chief of DPR) and his chief of staff (Neil Rogers) with any concerns we have with DPR. She gave their numbers as 673-7665 and 673-2143.

Event with Kennedy Playground Kids & Use of MCI Center
Harold Valentine and Priscilla Francis (UPO/NDC#1) brought up and event with Kennedy Playground kids, to be held in conjunction with the law firm Cadwilder. Discussed status of using MCI Center for occasional community events. FOKP members suggested that MCI be used for a Kennedy Playground event, during the time that the rec center is under construction (perhaps ice skating for neighborhood kids and residents).

Motion to Expend Funds
A motion was made by Randy and seconded by Harold to confirm funding by FOKP for a quarter page ad in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast Program, in the amount of $150. Motion passed unanimously.

Washington Convention Center Authority (WCCA) will be holding an employment opportunities fair on February 14th, from 6 to 8 pm. Call Miss Whitfield at 462-6401 for more information.

Adjournment and Next Meeting
Meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent. The next FOKP meeting will be held March 12th, 6:30pm at Shaw Junior High School.

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