Endless Summer 2018

The Florida Community Design Center is happy to announce Endless Summer 2018. The Endless Summer festival will kick off on Friday, August 24, and will continue Saturday, August 25  and Sunday, August 26. The event is co-hosted by the Florida Community Design Center and Heartwood Soundstage. Taking place during the warmest part of the year, Endless Summer aims to provide a cool, enjoyable outdoor space and beach-like experience. People are encouraged to come and relax as they would at the beach. Sand will be placed throughout the alley and people will be encouraged to bring towels or beach chairs to relax on. Shade and mist will be provided in order to cool off.

Become a volunteer:
The Florida Community Design Center is a non-profit organization of volunteers and is looking for additional volunteers to help ensure Endless Summer 2018 runs smoothly. Email Program Officer Alexis Benton at AlexisBenton@flcdc.org for more information on how you can get involved.

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