Community Design Workshop for South Main Street

Greetings Community Stakeholders:

With the recent opening of Depot Park, the Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) is seeking input and feedback from the public on possible improvements to the segment of South Main Street between Depot Avenue and South 16th Avenue. The CRA invites its citizens and stakeholders to participate in the design process by creating your ideal street. We are asking the public to submit designs for the corridor that best accomplish the project Guiding Principles as established from citizen and CRA Board input.

Multiple opportunities over the next several weeks will be available for citizens to submit their ideas for how the 100′ of right-of-way along South Main Street could be configured to address the project Guiding Principles of:
(1) improve safety & connectivity for motorists, pedestrians, & bicyclists
(2) address increased parking demands associated with Depot Park and the Cade Museum
(3) improve the identity & visual character of the corridor
(4) balance the flow & accessibility of the street for all users

The first way to participate is to build and submit your concept by utilizing an interactive on-line design tool. This web-based program will allow you to insert and prioritize various streetscape elements such as vehicular travel lanes, on-street parking, bicycle facilities, landscaping, sidewalks, etc. while maintaining the 100’ of right-of-way.

Visit the following link for a complete overview of this process and how to submit your designs! Peak Democracy South Main Street (

The second way to participate is by attending the planned Community Design Workshop any time between 12P-8P on Monday, August 29 or any time between 9A-12P on Tuesday, August 30 at the Gainesville Fine Arts Association @ 1314 South Main Street. The public is invited to DROP-IN at their convenience during the two-day workshop to take part in the design process of South Main Street by building an interactive model of your proposed street. Your design concept will then be recorded, documented, and eventually presented to the CRA Board for their consideration. CRA staff and its design team will be on-hand to assist you in the process and answer any questions.

Please consider sharing this announcement and we thank you for participating in this project and look forward to receiving your creative input!


Andrew Meeker, RLA
Project Manager
Gainesville Community Redevelopment Agency
802 NW 5th Avenue, Suite 200, Gainesville, FL 32601
Office 352-393-8205 | Fax: 352.334.2132 |

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